Ganre - Comedy, Crime, Drama
Release Date: June 8th, 2018
Not Yet Rated
Plot Summary
Criminal mastermind Debbie Ocean and seven other female thieves try to pull off the heist of the century at New York's annual Met Gala. Their target -- a necklace that's worth more than $150 million.
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Richard Armitage, James Corden, Awkwafina
Director: Gary Ross
Genres: Crime drama, Comedy
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures
Ganre - Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: January 19th, 2018
Plot Summary
An elite unit from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department squares off against a crew of successful thieves who plan a seemingly impossible heist -- the city's Federal Reserve Bank.
Cast: Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Brian Van Holt, 50 Cent , Jordan Bridges, Mo McRae, Jermaine Rivers
Director: Christian Gudegast
Genres: Crime drama, Action
Production Co: STX Entertainment, G-BASE
Distributors: STX Entertainment
Ganre - Drama, Romance
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Plot Summary
Sheltered since childhood, 17-year-old Katie Price lives with a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. Her world opens up after dark when she ventures out to play her guitar for random travelers. One night, Katie encounters Charlie, a young man she's secretly admired for years. As fate leads to a budding romance, Katie desperately tries to hide her condition from her unsuspecting new beau.
Cast: Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle, Quinn Shephard, Ken Tremblett, Jenn Griffin, Nicholas Coombe, Tiera Skovbye
Director: Scott Speer
Genres: Romance, Drama
Production Co: Wrigley Pictures
Distributors: Open Road
Keywords: 2010s, Cheeky, Love, Emotional, Hospital, Friend, Father, Charming, Touching, House, Love interest, Growing up, Endearing, Heartwarming
Ganre - Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: January 19th, 2018
R|1 hr 31 min
Plot Summary
When alcoholic ex-cop Mike Kendall finds the body of a young woman, he becomes obsessed with redeeming himself by finding the killer. In the process, he puts himself and his family in danger while hanging out with an assortment of shady characters.
Cast: John Hawkes, Anthony Anderson, Octavia Spencer, Robert Forster, Clifton Collins Jr., Michael Vartan, James Lafferty, Daniel Sunjata
Director: Ian Nelms, Eshom Nelms
Genres: Thriller, Crime drama
Production Co: 6 Foot Films
Distributors: Saban Films
Ganre - Drama, Romance
Release Date: February 9th, 2018
Plot Summary
Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace an inextricable connection and shared life of luxury. But just as she steps into her role as Mrs. Grey and he relaxes into an unfamiliar stability, new threats could jeopardize their happy ending before it even begins.
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Eloise Mumford, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes, Victor Rasuk, Max Martini
Director: James Foley
Genres: Romance, Drama
Production Co: Universal Pictures, Trigger Street Productions
Distributors: Universal Pictures
Keywords: Rivalry, Marriage, Love, Brooding, Friend, Emotional, Passionate, Office, 2010s, Temptation, Intense
Ganre - Drama, Thriller
Release Date: February 2nd, 2018
Plot Summary
After the sudden death of her family, firearms heiress Sarah Winchester becomes convinced that she's haunted by the souls of those killed by guns. Winchester then decides to build an enormous mansion that's designed to keep the evil spirits at bay. When skeptical psychiatrist Eric Price visits the estate to evaluate her state of mind, he soon discovers that her obsession may not be so far-fetched after all.
Cast: Dame Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson, Finn Scicluna-O'Prey
Director: The Spierig Brothers
Genres: Historical drama, Thriller
Production Co: CBS Films
Distributors: Lionsgate Films
Keywords: Emotional, Mystery, Gripping, Fall
Release Date: January 19th, 2018
PG|1 hr 44 min
Plot Summary
Liam Page is a country music superstar who left his bride Josie at the altar to pursue fame and fortune. Page never got over Josie, his one true love, or forgot his Southern roots in the small community where he was born and raised. Now, he must unexpectedly face the consequences of his actions when he returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend from high school.
Cast: Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe, Abby Ryder Fortson, Travis Tritt, Judith Hoag, John Benjamin Hickey, Tyler Riggs, Peter Cambor
Director: Bethany Ashton Wolf
Genres: Music, Romance, Drama
Production Co: Roadside Attractions, LD Entertainment
Distributors: Roadside Attractions, LD Entertainment
Keywords: Inspiring, Small town, Sacrifice, 2010s, Growing up, Rousing, House, Best friend, Emotional, Love
Ganre - Drama, Thriller
Release Date: January 5th, 2018
R|1 hr 21 min
Plot Summary
Mysterious events surround two brothers as they travel across America. On the surface, everything seems normal, but what appears to be a simple vacation soon gives way to dark and complex truths.
Cast: Alex Pettyfer, James Freedson-Jackson, Emily Althaus, Gene Jones, Owen Campbell, Tobias Campbell, Marin Ireland, Will Blomker
Director: Lauren Wolkstein, Christopher Radcliff
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Production Co: Vertical Entertainment, Relic Pictures
Distributors: Vertical Entertainment
Ganre - Drama, Romance
Release Date: December 25th, 2017
R|2 hr 10 min
Plot Summary
Renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the center of British fashion in 1950s London -- dressing royalty, movie stars, heiresses, socialites and debutantes. Women come and go in Woodcock's life, providing the confirmed bachelor with inspiration and companionship. His carefully tailored existence soon gets disrupted by Alma, a young and strong-willed woman who becomes his muse and lover.
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps, Lesley Manville, Camilla Rutherford, Gina McKee, Brian Gleeson, Harriet Sansom Harris, Lujza Richter
Director: Paul Anderson
Genres: Drama, Romance
Production Co: Focus Features, Annapurna Pictures, Ghoulardi Film Company
Distributors: Focus Features
Keywords: Transformation, London, Love, Relationships, 1950s, Creative, Quest, Passionate, Rise, Emotional, Sister, Fall, Intense, Tense
Ganre - Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: December 25th, 2017
R|2 hr 12 min
Plot Summary
In 1973, kidnappers demand $17 million from billionaire J. Paul Getty in exchange for his grandson's release. Getty refuses to pay the perpetrators a single penny despite the desperate pleas from his daughter-in-law Gail and adviser Fletcher Chase. With nowhere else to turn, Gail and Fletcher soon become unlikely allies in a race against time to save the teen's life.
Cast: Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, Romain Duris, Charlie Plummer, Timothy Hutton, Charlie Shotwell
Director: Ridley Scott
Genres: Crime drama, Thriller
Production Co: Scott Free Productions, Generator Entertainment, Reprisal Films
Distributors: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Keywords: Survival, Mother, Gripping, Sacrifice, Fall, Engaging, Emotional, Love, Rescue, Quest, Escape, Tense, 1970s
Ganre - Biography, Drama
Release Date: December 25th, 2017
R|2 hr 21 min
Plot Summary
The true story of Molly Bloom, a beautiful, young, Olympic-class skier who ran the world's most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade before being arrested in the middle of the night by 17 FBI agents wielding automatic weapons. Her players included Hollywood royalty, sports stars, business titans and finally, unbeknown to her, the Russian mob. Her only ally was her criminal defense lawyer Charlie Jaffey, who learned there was much more to Molly than the tabloids led people to believe.
Cast: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Michael Cera, Kevin Costner, Jeremy Strong, Chris O'Dowd, Bill Camp, Brian d'Arcy James
Director: Aaron Sorkin
Genres: Biography, Drama
Production Co: STX Entertainment, Pascal Pictures
Distributors: STX Entertainment, STX Entertainment
Keywords: Fall, 2000s, Fascinating, Gripping, Rise, Temptation, Hotel, Rivalry
Ganre - Mystery, Crime, Drama
Release Date: December 22nd, 2017
PG-13|1 hr 55 min
Plot Summary
Someone poisons the patriarch of the wealthy Leonides family, leading to an investigation.
Cast: Glenn Close, Terence Stamp, Max Irons, Stefanie Martini, Julian Sands, Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Amanda Abbington
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Genres: Mystery, Crime drama
Distributors: Stage 6